Thursday, January 5, 2012

How Much Do BeachBody Coaches Make?

Sometimes you just have to get to brass tax. Okay, in short, the range is from $0 to over $1,000,000 annually...seriously, honestly, and no joking. As with so many things in life, you get out of it what you put into it.

Few business "opportunities" actually pan out anything more than frustration and a steady stream of rejection. However, I can honestly say that this is one time that I am really glad that I stepped out on the limb and took a risk. I became a BeachBody Coach in August 2011, and I've been very happy with that decision. There are a lot of chances that do not lend themselves to people actually making real money. BeachBody Coaching is really a very good way of making money while getting 25% discounts on their products...including Shakeology, P90X, P90X2, Insanity, TurboFire, RevAbs, Les Mills Pump, 10-Minute Trainer, Hip Hop Abs, Body Gospel, and more.

The beauty of this is that it's a business that actually changes people's lives for the better. I actually LOVE being a BeachBody Coach...I can't say that about my day job, to be honest. I like my day job, but I can't say that I love it as much as I do BeachBody Coaching.

What Does a BeachBody Coach Do?
There are only two main tasks that any BeachBody Coach does. First, share fitness and nutrition products with people who express interest. You can share in-person by just talking to them directly, having home parties, and running a fit club. You can also get attention by sharing your thoughts online through a blog, facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Do whatever works for you, though. The single best thing you can do is to add value to people's lives. What do you have to offer? Why will people be attracted to you? Why will they want to connect with you and what you have to offer?

Second, share the BeachBody Coaching experience with people guessed interest. That's it. Don't bug your friends. Don't bug your family. Don't annoy people. It will come up in conversation in some way. Just share your experience and offer it as an option, but don't push it. If someone is really interested, they will let you know.

Anything else? Well yes, but it's not really a "job," though. Be yourself, exercise regularly (doesn't have to be with BeachBody programs, but it's not a bad idea), and eat well (I recommend having Shakeology every day as part of that...most Coaches do this). If you're doing these two things, people are bound to notice changes in you. So, just let people see that you're losing weight, feeling happier, having less health-related problems, etc. If you're having those results, there's very little that you have to say to people. In this case, actions do speak louder than words.

How Does a BeachBody Earn Money?
BeachBody Coaching is a pretty simple business structure. There are lots of ways that Coaches earn money.

  1. 25% commission on all BeachBody products ($30 on every Shakeology, P90X, or Insanity you sell...for instance)

  2. 50% commission on Team BeachBody Club Memberships (about $20 every 3 months)

  3. BeachBody Challenges ($60 for every person who signs up at the $205 level)

  4. Team cycle bonuses (meaning that points accumulate from the Coaches who sell that are "below" you...don't worry, they are getting paid well, too...EVERYBODY WINS!)

How Much Does a BeachBody Coach Make?
As I said earlier, it's a range. It's NOT a get-rich-quick scheme that will have you wasting money. As with any reasonable job, if you do nothing, you don't get paid. If you sell some programs or Shakeologies, you'll get paid the next week...nothing like instant gratification. As you gain more Coaches and clients, you earn more money. It's a very simple process.

As you bring in more people who are interested in being Coaches, you earn more money in the form of bonuses, too. Just like any other least the good ones, if you do extra work to help the company, you get a bonus. BeachBody rewards their Coaches very generously for bringing in more Coaches. "Emerald" Coaches have recruited 2 other Coaches. "Ruby" Coaches have 2 Emerald Coaches underneath them (basically, your 2 recruits found two of their own). "Diamond" Coaches have recruited 8 other Coaches with at least one being Emerald. "Star Diamond" Coaches have at least 1 Diamond Coach below them. For example, if you're a 5 Star Diamond Coach, then there are 5 Diamond Coaches under you.

Here are average monthly salaries for each level:

So far, I've earned about $120 per month, which basically means that I'm getting Shakeology for free plus $30 extra...and that's definitely cool with me, but it's just a beginning. Some Coaches do better, but many do not simply because they are not putting effort into doing home parties, online work, or talking with people. It's a business, and it will do well when you do the work for it. It's really quite simple. Below are my actual weekly earnings during the first five months of doing this (Aug 2011 - Jan 2012):

You Like the Idea, But Aren't Completely Sure About It Being For You Right Now?
Take your time thinking about this and researching. It's probably not like anything that you've done before. It wasn't for me. I am an assistant professor in teacher education at Central Connecticut State University by day, so it wasn't something that I initially thought I should do. The last thing that I needed to do was more work, but I was really drawn to the idea of sharing with others the possibilities that come with BeachBody programs like P90X and the ridiculously-good-for-you Shakeology. So, I spent all of $40 to become a coach. I wanted the Shakeology every month at a discount, so I went for it. I'm really glad I did. However, if you're on the fence, that's fine. Take a look around the internet and see if this is what you want to do.

Better yet, check out one of the many free weekly webinars that various Coaches do. Traci Morrow (you can see her in the P90X+ and P90X2 videos) gives one every Monday at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific. Click here for it: The Ultimate Fitness Team (the highest selling BeachBody team) gives one every Thursday at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific. You can check theirs out here:

Become a BeachBody Coach!Please contact me if you'd like to become a Coach. You can reach me at: or 860-502-2943

You can go here if you'd like to become a Coach: and make sure to click on "Coach" to sign up.


  1. Am i limited? it seams to me like this i like a pyramid scheme. Can i make more money then my coach or am i limited do to the fact that hes my coach and he get commission off of what i make?

  2. No, there's no limit. The money that you earn is yours. There is a bonus that you can make from people who sign up with you. I would never be part of a pyramid scheme. When BeachBody decided to move to MLM, they changed certain aspects of its structure so that it wouldn't limit anyone.

  3. Just wondering why you have dated info on your earning how about currently?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Check the date of the posting. That might answer your question.

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